Royal Worcestor
Royal Worcestor

Since 1751, Royal Worcester has been celebrated as one of the world's most prestigious makers of fine bone china mugs and tableware sets. The brand is well-known for the whimsical charm of the popular Wrendale Designs collection, featuring mugs, gifts and home fragrances with the playful illustrations from artist Hannah Dale.

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Meet the designer:

Hannah Dale

Inspired by the Lincolnshire countryside of her home, Hannah Dale began painting woodland animals around a crowded kitchen table in Melton Ross, England. "I started to paint hares. I just love expressive faces and wonderful personalities…and soon expanded my repertoire, and began painting other animals - foxes, pheasants, geese, dogs, hens." Hannah Dale has won many prestigious Henries awards for her greeting cards. Hannah's partnership with Portmeirion Group brings Wrendale Designs whimsical animals to a collection of tableware, gifts and home fragrances.
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