50th Anniversary
18 Piece Dinnerware Set

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved Botanic Garden collection with this special 18‐piece set dinnerware set. The set features limited‐edition floral motifs, edged with the iconic triple leaf border and commemorative 50th anniversary back stamp. Presented in an exclusive willow hamper, this set makes a timeless keepsake and a great gift for the collector.


Casual Dining for Modern Day Living


Botanic Garden Harmony

A modern take to the iconic Botanic Garden with earthy colored glazes, archival floral and butterfly motifs surrounded by irresistible embossed detailing.

Botanic Garden Flatware

Botanic Garden Flatware features a modern take of the triple leaf detailing on the handles. Made from durable 18/10 stainless steel this set is dishwasher safe.

Botanic Garden Bouquet

Inspired by the iconic illustrations of Botanic Garden, Bouquet is a mix of beautiful florals accented with hand painted sculptures of flowers, butterflies, and bumblebees.

Botanic Garden Home Fragrance

Celebrating 50 years of the iconic Botanic Garden, Wax Lyrical has crafted a collection of home fragrance and hand care products featuring traditional Botanic Garden illustrations and floral scents.

Botanic Garden

A true British classic, designed by the celebrated designer Susan Williams-Ellis in 1972. The mix and match floral motifs, inspired by 19th century botanical illustrations, bring a bit of the garden to your table.

Botanic Garden

Bring the joy of Botanic Garden to outdoor dining with our durable BPA-free melamine. This collection is shatterproof and dishwasher safe, allowing for seamless entertaining indoors and out.


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Botanic Garden

Fortuitous Find

Susan Williams-Ellis was searching for antique engravings to decorate her pottery when she discovered The Universal Herbal by Thomas Green (c. 1817). Filled with striking, detailed botanical illustrations, Susan began to imagine a beautiful range of dinnerware.

The Making of The Garden

Captivated by nature, Susan added butterflies and other insects to the designs to add variety and intrigue to the floral motifs depicted on the tableware. To bring the range together, Susan developed the iconic triple-leaf border.

Objections Are Forms of Uncertainty

In those years, it was expected that dinner plates matched exactly. Stores refused to stock Susan's mixed floral designs, citing that no one would buy plates with different motifs, but Botanic Garden captured the public's imagination and the success of the range soon proved store management wrong.

How Does The Garden Grow?

Botanic Garden's mixed floral designs are a collector's dream. With new flowers being introduced as old are retired, it is rare that anyone's exact Botanic Garden collection is identical. Over the years, modern interpretations of the iconic range have been introduced, such as Botanic Garden Harmony and Botanic Garden Bouquet.

The Art of the Everyday

Discover the story of Botanic Garden as Rose Fulbright shares special memories of her grandmother,Susan Williams-Ellis.